Make in One Operation

For the last 20 years or so we have prided ourselves with making parts as fast as possible. We found that being able to make parts all in one operation not only saved time, but made for very accurate parts. This only makes us more valuable since we are now serving aerospace and medical customers. We have even taken parts that repeat often and have reprogrammed them to save our customers even more! We recently reduced a part price by over 35% much to our customer's surprise! We believe in … [Read more...]

Production or Prototype at Metalmite?

Customers always ask if we are a production or a prototype shop. This question is difficult to answer because we do BOTH! We often do the first round of prototypes for a customer when a part has never been manufactured before. Then we can stay involved until the part hits 10,000 pcs and then we tend to move on. There have been a few products that we have entertained making 30,000 or 40,000pcs annually however. So do not count us out for the bid! We are often asked how quickly a part like … [Read more...]

Turn and Mill Complete at Metalmite????

Metalmite is known for making the parts regardless of the challenges! We are able to use our multi-axis machines to turn and mill at the same time. In the past we had 4 or 5 operations and setups to complete a part, but now we have parts coming off the machine complete. We are excited to be lowering the piece prices and increasing the volumes that we can offer or customer base. We have been able to keep up with thousands for parts per order now instead of simply hundreds. Give us a … [Read more...]

Turn and Mill

Metalmite is known for fast lathe turn-around and speedy milling complex parts! You can see that this part has both turning and milling and is also made from stainless steel. We are not scared away by complexity and intricacy as some shops may be. We look forward to a challenge!  We have been told recently that it looks like we make "jewelry" in our shop. The parts we make are high-tolerance and low volume and we have no room for error. Look at the list of sample parts on our … [Read more...]

Machined Castings on 5 Axis

We are often asked by customers to machine castings that they will supply. Here is a truck part that was provided and we were able to machine these parts in one setup on the 5 axis DMG Mori mill. It was amazing to watch the ingenuity of our guys to make a universal fixture that would hold two different part numbers and machine them in one setup. Metalmite and asked how quickly a part like this could be programmed and machined out of solid blocks of aluminum.  Metalmite responded the same day … [Read more...]

Metalmite and DMG Mori in Germany

Metalmite decided to fly across the pond and see what DMG Mori has in store for the future of our industry. We were blown away by the size, speed, and intricacy that the new technology has to offer! Not only is the factory at the base of the German Alps, but the people were excited and proud to show off their latest breakthroughs and future goals. Metalmite will be using this technology to make your parts faster and for less money than ever! Metalmite uses 6 axis lathes and 5 axis mills to … [Read more...]

Metalmite starts out right- New DMG Mori CTX 6 Axis Machine

Metalmite has always invested in technology when it looks like the technology will directly help the customer save money and increase accuracy!  Our brand new DMG Mori CTX Beta 800 6 axis machining center will do just that!  You will see from the picture and video link below that this machine will bring Metalmite and you to a whole new level of Good, Fast, and economical! Metalmite uses 6 axis lathes and 5 axis mills to stay current with technology. We are a … [Read more...]