Joe Penzien at Metalmite Video

We are grateful for the Metalmite Legacy with 50 years of precision machining.  WATCH VIDEO HERE. With the recent announcement that Bob Supernaw will retire at the end of this year, we needed to find another leader capable of filling that need... so we are introducing Joe Penzien, Metalmite's New Director of Operations. Welcome to Metalmite! As a full-service machine shop located in Rochester, Michigan, we manufacture, modify, and repair prototype and production parts for a wide variety of … [Read more...]

Quality and Safety

Recently I read an article about how quality and safety go hand and hand. You would not normally think these two are related in that way. But the article talked about how the CEO of Alcoa, Paul O’Neill, made it his number one objective to keep the workers safe. From this goal he also increased their quality, their profits, and their communication company-wide! It was a phenomenal feat. When people are safe, they work smart and think clear, We enforce the safety glasses and we publish the OSHA … [Read more...]

Detailed Milling

Our CNC milling department has grown substantially over the last 10 years. We have added multiple 5 axis machining centers, multiple seats of Gibbs Cam software for programming, and added 2 new skilled machinist during this time! We are able to take customers files and machine complete from raw math data!  Give us a try and let us dazzle you! The last project we did was exactly what the customer wanted. Metalmite uses 5 axis machining to get the hard-to-reach areas of many parts as well. Our … [Read more...]

Geared Up for success!

Geared Up for success! We have been making gears in my family for over 60 years. My grandfather was one of the first in the Detroit area to be able to cut Herringbone Gears! At Metalmite we have been making precision ground gears for many years now and we can even use our 5 axis mill to machine face splines per CAD model. These specific gears are made from 8620 steel and get carburized and hardened after machining. They they are hard turned and gear ground again for perfect fit. Using a CNC … [Read more...]