3D Surfacing on CNC Mills

Using the latest Gibbs Cam software we are able to surface parts like this out of solid and get prototype parts to our customer as needed. These parts are simulating a rough casting so they are meant to look unfinished. We are able to take advantage of Volumill and machine parts in half the time using the algorithm that they calculated out for milling faster. Learn more about Volumill here: VoluMill™ within GibbsCAM offers expanded milling solutions for cutting methods that … [Read more...]

15-5 Stainless is no problem!

Using the New DMG Mori CTX 6 axis machine we made this housing complete out of 15-5 stainless steel. We are excited to bring this new technology to the forefront and explore faster and better ways to create better products and lower prices! This part was able to be made in a fraction of the time it took previously! What is 15-5 stainless steel? 15-5 is a variant of the older 17-4 chromium-nickel-copper precipitation hardening stainless steel. Both alloys exhibit high strength and moderate … [Read more...]

Is your Yoke too much?

Metalmite has been known to make yokes from solid in record time and at record low cost. We have 5 and 6 axis equipment that can make these parts in 1 or 2 operations complete! We can even put the splines in using wire EDM or other methods. Our customers agree that the costs have come down substantially since we have made the investment in this new technology. CNC milling department has grown substantially over the last 10 years. We have added multiple 5 axis machining centers, multiple … [Read more...]

Turn and Mill

Metalmite is known for fast lathe turn-around and speedy milling complex parts! You can see that this part has both turning and milling and is also made from stainless steel. We are not scared away by complexity and intricacy as some shops may be. We look forward to a challenge!  We have been told recently that it looks like we make "jewelry" in our shop. The parts we make are high-tolerance and low volume and we have no room for error. Look at the list of sample parts on our … [Read more...]

Metalmite and DMG Mori in Germany

Metalmite decided to fly across the pond and see what DMG Mori has in store for the future of our industry. We were blown away by the size, speed, and intricacy that the new technology has to offer! Not only is the factory at the base of the German Alps, but the people were excited and proud to show off their latest breakthroughs and future goals. Metalmite will be using this technology to make your parts faster and for less money than ever! Metalmite uses 6 axis lathes and 5 axis mills to … [Read more...]

Chipping in to save the planet

Metalmite has always done their part to recycle and save the planet where possible. Many customers have commented that our shop is clean and well maintained. We cannot do that alone, it takes a dedicated team of dynamic employees to band together and pull this off!  Make sure you thank the employees if you get the chance! Your parts are the priority and our environment makes it possible to keep our costs low and quality high. Using our DMG Mori Seiki NMV 5000 5 axis mills we generate a lot of … [Read more...]