Metalmite Has a New Director of Operations

Metalmite is proud and excited to announce that we have a new Director of Operations, Joe Penzien! Joe has worked with Metalmite for the past few years as both a supplier and as a customer.  He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge from hands-on experience on the shop floor, developed from a solid background as an accomplished CNC programmer and machinist on 5 axis and 9 axis mill-turn equipment. Joe has over 20 years of experience working with large and small manufacturing companies; … [Read more...]

Ed Tibbitts, Longtime Employee passed away Jan 22, 2019

Ed Tibbitts- Longtime Metalmite Employee Passed away on 22 January, 2019   Edwin Carleton Tibbitts, age 65, of Dryden, died Tues. Jan. 22, 2019. Memorial services will be held at 12:30 PM Mon. Jan. 28, 2019 at the Dryer Funeral Home, Holly, with Pastor Timothy Erickson officiation. Military honors and burial will be at Great  Lakes National Cemetery, Holly. Visitation will be from 10:30 AM Mon. until the time of the service. Mr. Tibbitts was born in Pontiac on Aug. 8, 1953 to Robert … [Read more...]

3D Surfacing on CNC Mills

Using the latest Gibbs Cam software we are able to surface parts like this out of solid and get prototype parts to our customer as needed. These parts are simulating a rough casting so they are meant to look unfinished. We are able to take advantage of Volumill and machine parts in half the time using the algorithm that they calculated out for milling faster. Learn more about Volumill here: VoluMill™ within GibbsCAM offers expanded milling solutions for cutting methods that … [Read more...]

Metalmite has a new Vice President

Metalmite is proud and excited to announce that we have a new Vice President, Patrick Davidson. Patrick is not entirely new to us as he has been a customer of ours for over 14 years. He will be working side by side with Tom to help grow the business and take us to new heights! The team has been very welcoming and Patrick has already had a few weeks to get his feet wet by getting involved with some customers. Patrick is an innovative and transformational strategic operations and process … [Read more...]

CNC Grinding and Beyond

CNC grinding is still not as common as we thought it would be by now. We are one of the few machine shops that owns a CNC grinder and uses it daily. We do outside work as well, but predominately it is for our own use. We selected the Toyoda Select G for it's 40 inches of travel and it's ability to grind radii and angles at the same time.       Metalmite uses CNC Grinding to save time and money for finish parts. Our CNC Grinder averaged four minutes per part for the … [Read more...]

Turn those Flanges

Metalmite is known for making flanges and shafts fast and accurately. We have 31 machines and they are ready to move at your command. Let us know what you need us to look at. If you are looking for a Good Machine Shop! Look no more. Metalmite uses 6 axis lathes and 5 axis mills to stay current with technology. We are a full-service machine shop located in Rochester, Michigan, we manufacture, modify, and repair prototype and production parts for a wide variety of clients. What makes us … [Read more...]


Metalmite continues use Gibbs Cam to program complex parts and keep up with customer demands. We have several seats available to our highly-talented programmers and we use them to keep customers happy Found online here ( "Designed and created by the people who invented 3D printing and modern 3D scan data processing and … [Read more...]

CNC Milling the Same Way everyday

Metalmite continues to mill parts to customer specifications on a daily basis. We typically receive in the CAD model and verify it to the drawings furnished, then post it out to one of our CNC machines for milling. These parts were originally made in four operations and we are now able to make them in two! 5 Axis milling is even better than 4 axis because we can make parts faster and for less money! So why do you need full 5 axis machining from Metalmite? To help increase your … [Read more...]

Metalmite starts out right- New DMG Mori CTX 6 Axis Machine

Metalmite has always invested in technology when it looks like the technology will directly help the customer save money and increase accuracy!  Our brand new DMG Mori CTX Beta 800 6 axis machining center will do just that!  You will see from the picture and video link below that this machine will bring Metalmite and you to a whole new level of Good, Fast, and economical! Metalmite uses 6 axis lathes and 5 axis mills to stay current with technology. We are a … [Read more...]

Metalmite from the sky 2016

Metalmite has been a Rochester business almost 50 years now. We can see the development grow around us every year.  We thought you might like to see some photos from then and now just for fun!  You will see how we went from manual machines to the latest 5 axis CNC mills and 6 axis lathes on the market over the last 50 years!  Thanks for being a valued part of our history!   I received word this month that a couple machine shops in our area have closed their doors. I have not heard … [Read more...]