Wire EDM does what others can’t

Wire EDM has been a life-saver for Metalmite for more than 20 years! We are able to cut things that conventional tools cannot and able to hold sizes that normally are only on grinders. We have learned to group multiple parts on one fixture that we designed in order to maximize returns. We have run as many as 35 parts when they were small enough. This allows us to keep the machine running even when we are not there. Metalmite, located in Rochester, Michigan — approximately 20 miles outside of … [Read more...]

5 Axis on Face-Splines

We have been asked by customers to use our 5 axis technology to machine many things. One of the more common requests is a face-spline. We are able to read the model and mill the spline complete. The reason these are not easy for anyone to do is that they require constant axis synchronous movement and CAD-CAM software to support this. So why do you need full 5 axis machining from Metalmite? To help increase your market-share, increase your sales and increase your profits. In addition, you … [Read more...]

Splined Shafts

We make thousands of splined shafts per year and many customers do not seem to know that.  Just the other day we were giving a shop tour and someone commented how many splined shafts were on carts in our shop during various processes and they could not believe it. We informed them that splines and gears are probably the most predominant product we actually make here!  We do spline rolled parts, shaper cut, hobbing, and gear cutting though EDM. If you are looking for a Good Machine Shop! Look … [Read more...]

Wire EDM Explored

Metalmite has used Wire EDM for many processes in our 45 plus year history.  We used outside services in the 1980's and brought EDM in house over a decade ago to perfect it even more.  Buying the only Wire EDM that was preapproved for Aerospace work seemed like the right move for a company that makes so many aerospace parts. A recent article talks about how Lockheed Martin has conducted their own research to approve these processes.  Many of our parts are at Lockheed Martin now as they are … [Read more...]

Aerospace AS9100 Certification by Metalmite

Metalmite has been supporting the aerospace industry for over 30 years. Recently the industry came up with a new set of standards that helps keep suppliers in line.  Metalmite has the ISO 9001 certification and is looking into the AS9100 now.  Aerospace has seen the advantages of 5 axis machining for years. And there are only a few machines approved for aerospace cutting, like our Agie Charmilles Cut 200 Wire EDM. Below you can read more about what the differences are. “AS9100 is a widely … [Read more...]

Gears and Splines at Metalmite

Many people do not realize that we make many gears and splined shafts every day. We have the ability to cut internally on any of our Wire EDM's and we have polygonal machining to hob on our 6 axis lathes. This is very cutting edge technology. Find out more here Here is an internal spline that we cut on our Agie Charmilles Cut 200 wire edm.   This is gear cut information found on Wikipedia: Hobbing Main article: Hobbing Hobbing is a method by which a hob is used to cut teeth into … [Read more...]