Turn and Mill

Metalmite is known for fast lathe turn-around and speedy milling complex parts! You can see that this part has both turning and milling and is also made from stainless steel. We are not scared away by complexity and intricacy as some shops may be. We look forward to a challenge!  We have been told recently that it looks like we make "jewelry" in our shop. The parts we make are high-tolerance and low volume and we have no room for error. Look at the list of sample parts on our … [Read more...]

Turning Lathe Parts FAST

  Metalmite has always made very small parts that are extremely precise. You can see by the photo attached that these parts are like thimbles, yet the tolerances are very tight.  These also happen to be stainless steel parts that must be made from solid bar stock. We have found that by using our Mori double chuck lathes with live tooling we can make parts like this fast and accurately. Our customers agree that the costs have come down substantially since we have made the … [Read more...]


Metalmite has 6 axis multi-tool-machining centers that can make parts complete in one operation.  This saves time and money for the end user. The parts are also more accurate and more precise because there is no human error with them between operations. We use Mori Seiki CNC Lathes with main spindle, programmable sub-spindle, live-tooling and “Y” axes. They are the ultimate in Multi-Tasking lathes. Talk about LEAN machine cells, these machines are like two CNC Lathes back-to-back with a … [Read more...]

Metalmite from the sky 2016

Metalmite has been a Rochester business almost 50 years now. We can see the development grow around us every year.  We thought you might like to see some photos from then and now just for fun!  You will see how we went from manual machines to the latest 5 axis CNC mills and 6 axis lathes on the market over the last 50 years!  Thanks for being a valued part of our history!   I received word this month that a couple machine shops in our area have closed their doors. I have not heard … [Read more...]

Face Splines

Using our 6 axis lathes with live tooling we are able to make complex parts in a fraction of the time it used to take. In the picture here you can see how this part would normally be many different operations on many different machining centers. We continue to explore the latest technology and try the latest tooling as well.  We use Mori Seiki CNC Lathes with main spindle, programmable sub-spindle, live-tooling and “Y” axes. They are the ultimate in Multi-Tasking lathes. Talk about LEAN … [Read more...]

Plastic machining at Metalmite

Metalmite has been asked to make many parts out of various plastics. People have asked why these manufacturers do not just use the new SLS technology Plastic Parts (Selective Laser Sintering) or the SLA or other 3D printing processes to make these parts in minutes.  Well, simply because there are only a few material options with those processes. We can machine almost anything. We have made medical products, aerospace plastics, and even hard plastics that can barely be cut … [Read more...]

Upgraded equipment at Metalmite pays off

Metalmite made the decision to purchase four new Samsung turning centers in the last year or so. This decision was difficult as we rely on our lathes so much for high tolerance and quick turnaround. Samsung has come through for us in every way so far.  These machines are said to be the same as our 1990 version Mori Seiki's anyway, apparently there was a private label agreement for Samsung to be making these in those years. But the new machines and programmable tails stocks have really reduced … [Read more...]

New Lathes to Go around!

Metalmite bought two new Samsung turning centers this month!  These are replacements and upgrades to the SL-25 CNC Lathes we have had since the early 1990's.  These machines have a much faster control and they have programmable tailstocks to make the work flow smoother.  We expect a huge increase on our throughput and hopefully the ability to lower your costs!  As one customer said to us, "You are the only supplier that purchases new equipment in order to lower our costs!"  That is our objective … [Read more...]

We make plastic parts too!

Recently a customer called and asked if we ever make plastic parts. We replied that we make plastic parts all the time. "But your name is Metalmite!" they exclaimed!  We laughed and humbly asked forgiveness for being so misleading.  We make Nylon 6/6 parts, Delrin parts, and many other plastic parts all the time.  The parts in the picture attached were made complete in one operation on our 6 axis cnc lathe with live tooling.  Our Mori Seiki NL-2500 with barfeeder is one of the best on the market … [Read more...]