DMG Mori CTX Beta 800 TC

The most advanced multi-axis turning/ milling machine in the world makes Metalmite Corporation the supplier of choice for all your precision machining needs.

Maximized Turning

  • 19.7” max. cutting diameter through traveling column axis stroke.
  • Up to 280.3 ft/ lbs. torque for the main spindle.
  • Complete 6-sided production via counter spindle.

Maximized Milling

  • Up to 7.9 in. Y-stroke for eccentric production.
  • Optimized milling featuring 64.2 ft/ lbs torque with up to 12,000 rpm.
  • Simultaneous 5-axis production for free form surface machining.

Turn & Mill Complete Production


  • Ultra-compact turning/ milling spindle with a small foot print and 20% greater torque.
  • 6.7” more effective work area.
  • Workpiece up to 19.7” diameter X 29.5” long.
  • Large, full view work area with easy to access and short reach-in depth to spindle center.

Sample Parts Machined Complete w/ 1 Set-Up

Rotor Shaft
Material: CK45
Dimensions: 4.7” dia X 11.8”
Production Time: 19.2 min.

Material: 42CrMo4
Dimensions: 5.5” dia X 19.5”
Production Time: 35 min.

Tool Holder
Material: 42CrMo4
Dimensions: 3.1” dia X 4.9”
Production Time: 5.8 min.

Cutting Head
Material: X37CrMoV5-1
Dimensions: 3.4” dia X 3.9”
Production Time: 23 min.

Chain Wheel
Material: CK45
Dimensions: 7.1” dia X 3.1”
Production Time: 11.5 min.

Guide Vane
Material: X37CrMoV5-1
Dimensions: 6.1” X 4.3” X 30.3”
Production Time: 180 min.

Hydraulic Flange
Material: CK45
Dimensions: 4.7” dia X 4.7”
Production Time: 11.4 min