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CNC Grinding and Beyond

CNC grinding is still not as common as we thought it would be by now. We are one of the few machine shops that owns a CNC grinder and uses it daily. We do outside work as well, but predominately it is for our own use. We selected the Toyoda Select G for it's 40 inches of travel and it's ability to grind radii and angles at the same time.       Metalmite uses CNC Grinding to save time and money for finish parts. Our CNC Grinder averaged four minutes per part for the … [Read more...]


Metalmite continues use Gibbs Cam to program complex parts and keep up with customer demands. We have several seats available to our highly-talented programmers and we use them to keep customers happy Found online here ( "Designed and created by the people who invented 3D printing and modern 3D scan data processing and … [Read more...]

CNC Milling the Same Way everyday

Metalmite continues to mill parts to customer specifications on a daily basis. We typically receive in the CAD model and verify it to the drawings furnished, then post it out to one of our CNC machines for milling. These parts were originally made in four operations and we are now able to make them in two! 5 Axis milling is even better than 4 axis because we can make parts faster and for less money! So why do you need full 5 axis machining from Metalmite? To help increase your … [Read more...]

Safety Matters at Metalmite

Our new safety program is being rolled out this month.  Ask one of the employees how that is going.  We are taking the initiative to keep everyone safe and keep your parts safe and sound at the same time! ­ Recently I read this in an article- "Every person working in a machine shop must be trained on the equipment present, even if they may not use it frequently.  A thorough knowledge of tools and parts is necessary to maintain high-quality safety standards. All employees … [Read more...]

Ed Eshelman and Metalmite are joining forces

We are very excited to be able to offer you a "Strategic Partnership" with Metalmite and Ed Eshelman Consulting. As an independent consultant working closely with the Metalmite Team, Ed brings to the table more than 20 years of Senior Engineering leadership and is able to offer "Concurrent Engineering" services to our customers to dwindle lead-times and save in manufacturing mistakes. Ed has worked with and used Metalmite at multiple companies as a supplier and is now joining forces with … [Read more...]

Metalmite from the sky 2016

Metalmite has been a Rochester business almost 50 years now. We can see the development grow around us every year.  We thought you might like to see some photos from then and now just for fun!  You will see how we went from manual machines to the latest 5 axis CNC mills and 6 axis lathes on the market over the last 50 years!  Thanks for being a valued part of our history!   I received word this month that a couple machine shops in our area have closed their doors. I have not heard … [Read more...]

Gearing Up

Metalmite has made more gears in the last 5 years than we have ever before. Many customers did not even know that we made gears, but when they come to review their jobs here they see hundreds upon hundreds of gears ready to ship.  We cut splines and gears in many ways in house and with support from vendors. We use Fellows Gear Shapers and Wire EDM as well as CNC technologies to make perfect gear teeth!   Metalmite has manufactured tens of thousands of gears and splines through the … [Read more...]

Gear Expo in Detroit- Metalmite

Metalmite has manufactured tens of thousands of gears and splines through the years. We can cut teeth in house using several machines we have, from shapers to CNC Hobs or even wire EDM. Our 6 axis lathe has a live tooling hobber that can cut while the part is in the turning process in order to speed up the process (see video here). This year the Gear Expo was hosted in Detroit where the Motor City puts those gears to good use!  Below are some highlights from our friends at Modern Machine Shop … [Read more...]

Laser Beam Inspection

Metalmite has been looking into new inspection methods and testing the new equipment that is on the market. One of the tools we looked at recently was the Romer arm and laser from Hexagon. We brought out a complex part that we had made prior and watched as they shot their laser at it. Within 2 minutes they had a detailed inspection report of the part that was very accurate. They still cannot replace the CMM due to the error allowances in their technology, but they are lightyears ahead of where … [Read more...]