CNC Milling the Same Way everyday

Metalmite continues to mill parts to customer specifications on a daily basis. We typically receive in the CAD model and verify it to the drawings furnished, then post it out to one of our CNC machines for milling. These parts were originally made in four operations and we are now able to make them in two! 5 Axis milling is even better than 4 axis because we can make parts faster and for less money! So why do you need full 5 axis machining from Metalmite? To help increase your … [Read more...]

Blue Coats are Coming!

Metalmite takes Quality very seriously! Our new Quality Assurance Manager has made sure that the members of the Quality Department are clearly noticed as well. You will see them in the blue lab coats. They will also be holding the new ISO 9001:2015 Certification in their hands very shortly as they are pressing forward with the upgrade for Metalmite. Here are the main benefits of the ISO upgrade: The benefits of ISO 9001 are not overstated; companies large and small have gained great … [Read more...]

Turn and Mill Complete at Metalmite????

Metalmite is known for making the parts regardless of the challenges! We are able to use our multi-axis machines to turn and mill at the same time. In the past we had 4 or 5 operations and setups to complete a part, but now we have parts coming off the machine complete. We are excited to be lowering the piece prices and increasing the volumes that we can offer or customer base. We have been able to keep up with thousands for parts per order now instead of simply hundreds. Give us a … [Read more...]

Are you Nuts? We are!!!!

Metalmite is known for fast lathe turn-around time!   We were able to get this nuts into a lathe and thread them to the gauges in record time. We then had to put them into a mill to generate the complex profile our customer needed. We take pride in these fast turnarounds and getting the customer out of hot water! Our CNC milling department has grown substantially over the last 10 years. We have added multiple 5 axis machining centers, multiple seats of Gibbs Cam software for programming, … [Read more...]

15-5 Stainless is no problem!

Using the New DMG Mori CTX 6 axis machine we made this housing complete out of 15-5 stainless steel. We are excited to bring this new technology to the forefront and explore faster and better ways to create better products and lower prices! This part was able to be made in a fraction of the time it took previously! What is 15-5 stainless steel? 15-5 is a variant of the older 17-4 chromium-nickel-copper precipitation hardening stainless steel. Both alloys exhibit high strength and moderate … [Read more...]

Splines and Gears are our thing!

Metalmite has made thousands of splines and gears over the years. Many people are surprised how many splined shafts they see when they come pick up their parts. Just the other day we were giving a shop tour and someone commented how many splined shafts were on carts in our shop during various process and they could not believe it. We informed them that splines and gears are probably the most predominant product we actually make here! We do spline rolled parts, shaper cut, hobbing, and gear … [Read more...]

Is your Yoke too much?

Metalmite has been known to make yokes from solid in record time and at record low cost. We have 5 and 6 axis equipment that can make these parts in 1 or 2 operations complete! We can even put the splines in using wire EDM or other methods. Our customers agree that the costs have come down substantially since we have made the investment in this new technology. CNC milling department has grown substantially over the last 10 years. We have added multiple 5 axis machining centers, multiple … [Read more...]

Turn and Mill

Metalmite is known for fast lathe turn-around and speedy milling complex parts! You can see that this part has both turning and milling and is also made from stainless steel. We are not scared away by complexity and intricacy as some shops may be. We look forward to a challenge!  We have been told recently that it looks like we make "jewelry" in our shop. The parts we make are high-tolerance and low volume and we have no room for error. Look at the list of sample parts on our … [Read more...]

Safety Matters at Metalmite

Our new safety program is being rolled out this month.  Ask one of the employees how that is going.  We are taking the initiative to keep everyone safe and keep your parts safe and sound at the same time! ­ Recently I read this in an article- "Every person working in a machine shop must be trained on the equipment present, even if they may not use it frequently.  A thorough knowledge of tools and parts is necessary to maintain high-quality safety standards. All employees … [Read more...]

Turning Lathe Parts FAST

  Metalmite has always made very small parts that are extremely precise. You can see by the photo attached that these parts are like thimbles, yet the tolerances are very tight.  These also happen to be stainless steel parts that must be made from solid bar stock. We have found that by using our Mori double chuck lathes with live tooling we can make parts like this fast and accurately. Our customers agree that the costs have come down substantially since we have made the … [Read more...]