Simple Hubs

Every single part we machine here is not cutting- edge 5 or 6 axis mind-blowing crazy you know? Sometimes we get simple hubs, or other parts that anyone could make. But our mission is to turn customer's needs into reality better and faster than anyone else! In order for that to happen we need to be able to do the simple along with the "near-impossible" Metalmite uses 6 axis lathes and 5 axis mills to stay current with technology. We are a full-service machine shop located in Rochester, … [Read more...]

5 Axis on Face-Splines

We have been asked by customers to use our 5 axis technology to machine many things. One of the more common requests is a face-spline. We are able to read the model and mill the spline complete. The reason these are not easy for anyone to do is that they require constant axis synchronous movement and CAD-CAM software to support this. So why do you need full 5 axis machining from Metalmite? To help increase your market-share, increase your sales and increase your profits. In addition, you … [Read more...]

3D Machining on 6 Axis

We machine complex parts a variety of ways using 6 axis machining. We are able to spline parts 3 different ways in house- by live tooling on the lathe, by Wire EDM, and by milling the spline teeth! We are machining this part in the photo attached on a 4 axis rotary table. We use 3D software to machine complete. Metalmite is known for fast lathe turn-around time! We have had an influx of lathe work that we are thrilled to turnaround fast. We have been able to help multiple customers … [Read more...]

Production or Prototype at Metalmite?

Customers always ask if we are a production or a prototype shop. This question is difficult to answer because we do BOTH! We often do the first round of prototypes for a customer when a part has never been manufactured before. Then we can stay involved until the part hits 10,000 pcs and then we tend to move on. There have been a few products that we have entertained making 30,000 or 40,000pcs annually however. So do not count us out for the bid! We are often asked how quickly a part like … [Read more...]

Metalmite TWINS

Yes we now have TWINS here at Metalmite! In more than one way even. We have "Twin" spindle lathes (4 of them) and we have TWIN DMG CTX BETA 800 machines! Metalmite has always invested in technology when it looks like the technology will directly help the customer save money and increase accuracy! Our brand new DMG Mori CTX Beta 800 6 axis machining center will do just that! You will see from the picture and video link below that this machine will bring Metalmite and you to a … [Read more...]

Turn those Flanges

Metalmite is known for making flanges and shafts fast and accurately. We have 31 machines and they are ready to move at your command. Let us know what you need us to look at. If you are looking for a Good Machine Shop! Look no more. Metalmite uses 6 axis lathes and 5 axis mills to stay current with technology. We are a full-service machine shop located in Rochester, Michigan, we manufacture, modify, and repair prototype and production parts for a wide variety of clients. What makes us … [Read more...]


Metalmite continues use Gibbs Cam to program complex parts and keep up with customer demands. We have several seats available to our highly-talented programmers and we use them to keep customers happy Found online here ( "Designed and created by the people who invented 3D printing and modern 3D scan data processing and … [Read more...]

CNC Milling the Same Way everyday

Metalmite continues to mill parts to customer specifications on a daily basis. We typically receive in the CAD model and verify it to the drawings furnished, then post it out to one of our CNC machines for milling. These parts were originally made in four operations and we are now able to make them in two! 5 Axis milling is even better than 4 axis because we can make parts faster and for less money! So why do you need full 5 axis machining from Metalmite? To help increase your … [Read more...]

Blue Coats are Coming!

Metalmite takes Quality very seriously! Our new Quality Assurance Manager has made sure that the members of the Quality Department are clearly noticed as well. You will see them in the blue lab coats. They will also be holding the new ISO 9001:2015 Certification in their hands very shortly as they are pressing forward with the upgrade for Metalmite. Here are the main benefits of the ISO upgrade: The benefits of ISO 9001 are not overstated; companies large and small have gained great … [Read more...]

Turn and Mill Complete at Metalmite????

Metalmite is known for making the parts regardless of the challenges! We are able to use our multi-axis machines to turn and mill at the same time. In the past we had 4 or 5 operations and setups to complete a part, but now we have parts coming off the machine complete. We are excited to be lowering the piece prices and increasing the volumes that we can offer or customer base. We have been able to keep up with thousands for parts per order now instead of simply hundreds. Give us a … [Read more...]