CNC Milling the Same Way everyday

Metalmite continues to mill parts to customer specifications on a daily basis. We typically receive in the CAD model and verify it to the drawings furnished, then post it out to one of our CNC machines for milling. These parts were originally made in four operations and we are now able to make them in two!

5 Axis milling is even better than 4 axis because we can make parts faster and for less money!

So why do you need full 5 axis machining from Metalmite? To help increase your market-share, increase your sales and increase your profits. In addition, you get the added benefit of decreasing costs, as well as, product development time so that you can get your product to market faster than your competition. As one customer recently said, “We never thought it possible to get “Near Production” parts right from the Rapid Prototyping phase. This dramatically helped us reduce our product development time and cost. Both us, and our customer, were ecstatic about this ability to move so quickly, and precisely, from product design to an actual physical part that we could test AND show our customer.”

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