Machined Castings on 5 Axis

We are often asked by customers to machine castings that they will supply. Here is a truck part that was provided and we were able to machine these parts in one setup on the 5 axis DMG Mori mill. It was amazing to watch the ingenuity of our guys to make a universal fixture that would hold two different part numbers and machine them in one setup.

Metalmite and asked how quickly a part like this could be programmed and machined out of solid blocks of aluminum.  Metalmite responded the same day with a quote and a firm delivery.  The customer issued a purchase order and the “chips began to fly”, as they put it in shop talk! Using the latest GibbsCam software to program the Mori Seiki NMV 5000 DCG 5 Axis machining center, Metalmite was able to move from planning to production within a few short hours.  By drilling and tapping four small bolt holes in the middle first, the brackets were able to be machined 95% in one hold on the 5 axis machine.  Taking the parts off and doing a little bit of benchwork after made them complete in record time.  “We estimate the parts are done in about half the time it used to take using the 3 axis machines.”  Said the shop supervisor.  This is just another way that Metalmite has been bringing “World Class Quality, Service, and Delivery at the right price.”


Metalmite uses 5 axis machining to get the hard-to-reach areas of many parts as well. Our DMG Mori Seiki Mills are the most powerful on the market they claim. But w still have to manually debur parts that come off those mills. Just go to or Call for a quote today at 248-651-9415